So you want to learn how to knit, but you do not know where to start? Many would surely agree that this activity can be quite confusing at the beginning. If you are pass this stage, and is already into it – you definitely know the importance of a ball of yarn, and knitting needles, among other supplies that you need to secure. That is not the only requirement though! Aside from the mere knowledge of it, your vision will only materialize if you are willing to spend a bulk of time for knitting – a challenge indeed for not all people have a control over their schedule and the like.


Do not give the fascination up.


Hold your breath! Do not be overwhelmed with the massive amount of colorful knitting yarns available out there, or even the demands just for you to have a knitted sweatshirt, for example.


At the end of the day, you would not want your work to be like that of others. You want yours to have your personal touch. Bet you want to do it yourself; however, if you are one of the busy people who do not have that much time for other tasks besides working – there is nothing to worry. You can have customized knitting which can still be made based on your own preference. It can even reflect your perspective and personality. That is how personalized the work is!


House Of Pumpkin allows you to choose the yarn you want. While we can suggest designs, you will enjoy the patterns you have the chance to select. We can provide patterns for women, men, and even kids. It does not matter whether there is a need for waist shaping too. We can handle that.


If you are interested, talk to us with your eyed yarn type and color. You can use any kind you want. Couple this with your measurements too so that we can ensure that the product really fits you!