If there are skills which have gone from one decade to another, knitting will be one of them. It has experienced a current renaissance that makes it relevant and appealing up until today. As a matter of fact, it turned out to be a popular social activity that attracts a wide array of demographics including children, retirees, models, grannies, to name a few.

Indeed, knitting is useful, creative, soothing and addicting. It used to be a passive hobby, which opened lots of avenues for passion, and fashion, if the punning fits. It is from here where the House of Pumpkin drew inspiration from. It is from there where Joan Lim drove motivation from.

Under Knit

Kathryn who was originally from Singapore; was base in Perth, Australia, would have never thought that knitting will open opportunities for her. A proud mom of an 8 year-old boy, she found fondness in the activity nine years ago. Before, it was purely for a passing-time. She used to knit for she wanted to create clothes for his son.  Now, knitting out to be a more meaningful endeavour for her.

The inclination started when she got pregnant for she liked to knit for her son. The interest expanded as she eventually began knitting for the children of her friends too. The innate keenness enabled her to make the most of her skill. Since she enjoyed the activity enormously, she went to sell her items successfully on various weekend markets when she was still in Perth. That really set everything off.

In the year 2016, Kathryn had to go to Singapore. The need to find a job arose as her son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia, subsequently. All of these transpired as the kid was reaching primary 1. Unfortunately, the job-seeking became difficult for her. Since she had to earn a living, she came up with a productive idea – that was to sell her items online. She did this side by side whilst hunting for a stable job, and taking care of her son. This was when she came up with her very own shop, the House of Pumpkin.

What’s in a Name?

House of Pumpkin, now Kathryn’s knitting store, was derived from the nickname of her son, Pumpkin. The store hits home, most especially to kids, because she has her son as her main model for clothes. He will be seen wearing the knitted creations proudly. He never fails to show them off. Well, if it was not for her son, Kathryn would have never discovered her talent for knitting. This is why this venture is really close to her heart as well.